Summer comes slowly

It has been a very slow start to summer In Hull, that has its advantages in my garden.

We have large numbers of aqualegia and alliums , but in a hot early summer they are over very quickly.  This year they

have continued in flower for at least three weeks.  The aqualegias  have been purchased in many places, including several

from the Chelsea Flower Show , but it is the self setting pink and blues which dominate.

After the garden having been a buildingP1510765

site whilst our new kitchen was built we

did worry how it would look this year.

We need not have worried as everything

has come back beautifully.

The building work did give us the opportunity

to add some new plants.  These are mostly David Austen

Roses which are just coming into bud.  I have also planted a

new herb area which is thriving just outside the kitchen.


P1510761 The new kitchen


P1510763P1510759   P1510766 P1510767 P1510768


The great half term clear up

I haven’t written about my plot for a while now, another year has passed and it has been a really good year on the allotment with fantastic harvests especially of fruit.

I also have my first ever crop of brassicas.  they wer planted extremely late, which may be why they have escaped most pests but it looks like I will have my own sprouts for Christmas.

Half term has arrived and now I must attack the satisfying task of clearing the dead material and preparing the ground for spring.


Currently this looks pretty daunting but I’m always surprised how quickly I can see progress .  The up side is there is a fantastic amount of compostable material to go to the heaps.


Another innovation on our plots is a regular delivery of wood chippings from a tree surgeon.  These are great for covering pathways between raised bed but i am concerned as to how much their use may raise the ph of my soil and I need to monitor this.

Sun is shining right now so I’d better get on with it!

Strawberry growing

This week I decided it was finally warm enough to clean up my strawberry beds, get them mulched and ready for this years fruiting.

The beds were looking very untidy and full of dead material.Image

It soon became obvious that in cleaning them up I was going to find lots of well rooted runners, so I thought it would be a good idea to set up a neImagew strawberry bed.

I dug out a collection of strong new runners then raked down and fed an empty bed with pelleted chicken manure and them planted these up.

Having cleaned the original beds I then fed these and mulched them with bark as I cannot obtain straw here in the city.


It was great to get the new bed planted up and watered and then to see the original beds looking tidy and ready to grow on strongly.  Now I just need to hope for a great crop.




Spring life in the garden.



In the last few days the garden has finally started to come alive in more ways than one.  The daffodils are now putting on a great show, both the full size and miniature varieties opening more blooms every day.



What I find most exciting at this time of year is the wildlife becoming active.  Blue tits are occupying the bird boxes ( Very difficult to catch on camera) and the frogs are producing lots of spawn.






Seed mats

I bought some salad seed mats from Wilkinson’s two weeks ago so far I’ve been very impressed.

You get two mats in each packet.  The mats fit well in an 8 in pot.  I filled the pot with a peat free compost. Placed the mat on top then covered well with more compost





Two weeks later, here is the growth.